The Doughroom on Overland

Last weekend, before seeing Blue Jasmine, we decided to get away from the nonsense that surrounds Westside Tavern, which I happen to really love but can never deal with the wait, and we had a great, fast and fun dinner at The Doughroom. I had passed this as I was sneaking out of Scoops and saw thsi very good looking exterior facade in what is normally a less than gorgeous part of Palms. My food radar beams were triggered. We went at 6:30 on Saturday night and Happy Hour was going on until 7 pm. The decor was great, with a few high tops for seating,  high ceilings, baseball on the TV, several child friendly booths and an open kitchen.  I had wine but David seemed to like the beer selection. Overall, having only been a month old, I feel like it’s a fabulous addition to the Palms area…so welcome. The next place I want to try over there is Phorage, just across the street!

What we ordered:

-baby tuscan kale salad with fennel, santa rosa plum, ricotta, cheese croutons (I personally loved this. It was larger than I thought and delicious)
-margherita pizza (excellent, crust was thin and cooked perfectly)
-smoked japanese eggplant with yoghurt, mint (I was MOST excited about this but they added an olive tapenade that ruined it for me as I hate olives. Big misprint on the menu so they will be adding it for the 2nd printing)
-pan roasted sea bass with snap peas, miatake mushroom, potato coins, preserved lemon (I thought this was great but we had to send it back to be cooked more, the mushrooms and the sauce were divine. I loved it-the second time)
-meatballs with tomato sauce, parmigiano (great as a happy hour item, small and did the job)


  1. Julie Bank says:

    This looks delish! I just told Steve I want to see blue Jasmine so you thank you for planning the perfect date night! Xoxo

  2. the doughroom says:

    Thank you for the mention and the beautiful write up. I’m posting this now to fb. Please introduce yourself next time, if you haven’t already. Kaveh

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