blo Beverly Hills (the new blow dry bar)

Over the weekend I tried out the 2 month new blo Beverly Hills salon across from Urth on South Beverly Drive (they also have one in the W hotel in Hollywood). I had bought a $16 voucher  off gilt city and figured let’s just roll with it when the Dry Bar was all booked up on a Saturday afternoon. When I called blo and they had a Saturday appointment at 3 pm, so of course I said DONE!  Parked for free up the street and walked down with my boba from Urth and there I found a clean and lovely spot with a pop of hot pink, free wi-fi and 12 stations.


I think that most people will go in for the blo out, which is $35; but what blo Beverly Hills has that I just loved with 7 amazing choices besides just a regular blow dry. Check it out:

blo choicesI opted for the “go fish” since I was going to an event on the beach that night. It was so fun and different and I loved it. Even the next day my hair looked amazing and wavy. (Next time I want to try the “hunt club”.)  But if you don’t want to opt for one of these 7 choices they will do tons of other things: you choose your style and bring your own hair accessory and they will do it, add on a fun extension you bring in, blow drys for young girls and guys, bridal styles and they come to your house for $75!  *I want to do more research on that because it seems too good to be true! And of course they do gift cards as well.

Check it out:

blo menu

I’m a huge dry bar fan, don’t get me wrong…but these people have just stepped up their game. And they might have won.


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