The Proud Bird! (Restaurant Closing YOU MUST GO!)

We FINALLY made it to The Proud Bird after dropping my parents off at LAX today and I don’t know why I waited so long to take the kids. It’s literally a stone’s throw away from the tarmac with amazing views of planes landing and taking off, model planes on the lawn and a few original planes, not to mention all the old photos and history of LAX. It has been open for 48 years and is closing its doors November 21st sadly. It’s really a shame since the land they rent is owned by Los Angeles World Airports and their rent would have increased from $18k per month to $42,500 per month.

proud bird david and nathan

In any event, I urge you to take your families there for lunch, brunch or even an early weekday dinner. It’s so great to watch the planes, sit outside if weather continues to be nice and just enjoy something that has been an LA standard for so many decades.

proud bird 1The food wasn’t bad at all! I had a shrimp and crab louie salad, David had a hamburger and the kids had grilled cheese. If you do go eat, please ask to be in Raphel’s section… he was our incredible waiter, has been there for 15 years and will soon be out of work like so many others who have been loyal servers there. He knows everything about the restaurant.

proud bird2



  1. Nikki Lapidus says:

    Or maybe I take them that Monday they’re out of school

    Sent from my iPhone and autocorrect is not my friend. Good day.

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