Sylvia’s Table Vegetable Lasagna


I’ve been wanting to make this for a while, as this was a cookbook given to me by my step brother CJ who shares my love of all things food.  As I read the recipe (yes I actually read this one in it’s entirety this time!) I was afraid it was a bit labor intensive, so I saved it for a Sunday supper. Now I did start prepping the vegetables in the at 7:30 am because I’m crazy like that, chopping and roasting (also added some mushrooms along with the kale) and as the family walked in I had tomatoes roasting in my toaster, 2 sheet pans in my oven and kale & mushroom medly on my stove. Whatever, totally normal on a Sunday morning in our house!

I paired it with a salad and while I was waiting for husband’s comment of “it would have been better with meat” he didn’t dare cross me like that (and his plate was wiped clean). This lasagna was worth the little extra chopping and roasting as it was super satisfying, gorgeous with vibrant colors and a hit all around. Can’t wait to make it again.

Sylvia’s Table Vegetable Lasagna


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