2nd annual Bakers Will Bake Sunday, April 13th at the Hollywood Farmer’s Market

Bakers Will Bake

Who doesn’t have a sweet tooth? Or as my son told me ,every single one of his teeth were his ‘sweet thooths’.

As seen in the LA Times the Hollywood Farmer’s Market (1600 Ivar Ave, 90028) Sunday April 13th from 8 am to 1 pm, is host to this years 2nd annual Bakers will Bake pastry and sweet extravaganza. And this with this glorious weather we are having, why not venture somewhere new to pick up some vegetables and a brownie on the side (while contributing to a great cause)?

The money raised will go to a great cause too, benefiting the Garden School Foundation, a local organization that focuses on developing garden-based programs at underserved schools throughout Los Angeles. Roxana Jullapat of Cooks County had the idea for a big bake sale last year while volunteering with the Edible Schoolyard at Larchmont Charter School. Last year, with the help of many of Jullapat’s fellow bakers and pastry chefs, Bakers Will Bake raised more than $3,000, which went to purchase a stainless-steel prep sink and a refrigerator for Larchmont Charter School’s gardening and cooking classes and this year they are hoping to double their donation.

Confirmed bakers are said to be: Shannon Swindle (Craft L.A.), Christine Moore (Little Flower Candy Co.), Clemence Gosset (Gourmandise School), Zoe Nathan (Huckleberry, Rustic Canyon), Mariah Swan (BLD), Zack Hall (Clark Street Bread), Na Young Ma (Proof Bakery), Sarah Lange (The Hart and the Hunter), Kei Okumura (Sugarbird Sweets), Meadow Ramsey (Sqirl), Annie Miler (Clementine), David Rodriguez (Providence, Connie and Ted’s), Elizabeth Belkind (Cake Monkey Bakery), Max Lesser (Morning Glory Confections), Melissa Cortina (Pig and Pastry), Rose Lawrence (Red Bread), Michelle Park (Akasha), Ann Kirk (Little Dom’s), Barbara Monderine (Village Bakery), Joann Yan (Cube Marketplace), Valerie Gordon (Valerie Confections), Jonathan Grahm (Compartes Chocolates), Tara Maxey (Heirloom L.A.) and Sherry Yard (Helms Bakery).

Huckleberry baked goods display, need I saw more?

Huckleberry baked goods display, need I say more?

Cooks County, Strawberry Heart Tarts

Cooks County, Strawberry Heart Tarts



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