Marvin, French Bistro on Beverly Blvd.


Over the weekend we had dinner with friends at the four month new Marvin and really were surprised by how good it was, the atmosphere was lively, music a bit loud at times, great decor and a menu that anyone would find appetizing. Marvin is a project from restaurateur Bruce Marder (Capo), Max Marder (Bruce’s son), and Steven Arroyo (Escuela). The decor inside is open and beautifully lit with large aluminum cans, stripped of their labels, line the ceiling and reflect the light from inset bulbs. There’s a long bar with a dozen stools in front and 200 bottles of wine behind. Right now they currently serve only wine and beer, which was fine with me but not for the tequila drinking husbands we were with (2 bottles of red vino later…)  Just watch out from the little step up to the dining room as my friend Jessica gracefully fell but almost made a face-plant on the way to the bathroom. 🙂


This is what we had that I highly recommend:

Appetizers: Beets and Goat Cheese Salad, Argulua with Shaved Fennel (really light and great), the Asparagus with a fried egg on top, the Ratatouille (we had two orders for 6 of us) and the Heirloom Tomato salad with Figs and Burrata (my personal favorite).

Entrees: The Roasted chicken (least memorable but the plate was empty!)  the Braised Lamb with mint (a little bit fatty), the Loup De Mer (light and great) and the Pomodoro pasta (fresh, thick rigatoni pasta and wonderful, my favorite).

Sides: Brussel sprouts were great, the roasted mushrooms were just ok but the Potato gallette was off the charts great. Scalloped potatoes with butter on top baked and crispy. WIN WIN!

Dessert: The bread pudding no one cared for, the peach cobbler was divine as was the Pot de crème.

I would go back anytime!


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