About me

Welcome to my blog! I am your typical SoCal girl. Grew up in La Jolla, went off to college in Michigan and had to come back to Cali. I started working at a talent agency, then in event planning and ended up 12+ years ago selling residential real estate (where I met my hubby).

I am a wife, mother, real estate agent, travel lover, home cook, book reader, shopper, networker and now a blogger!

My days are hectic, my calendar is full, but I was missing that outlet to share all of my thoughts and info with people. Some of it important to me, some of it is just interesting, but most of it is meaningful nonsense.




  1. yay! so excited for the new blog!

  2. Devvon Hinds says:

    You’re such an inspiration! You go girl!


  3. Tracy Mathalon says:

    Im all signed up….cant wait to hear whats on your mind….and I have no doubt it will be very meaningFULL! xo

  4. Super cute! I’m excited to hear all your meaningful nonsense 😉

  5. Nicole Mathalon says:

    I’m so excited to read what you have to share!!!! Love trying new places!!!

  6. The blog looks AMAZING! So nicely laid out, well written, relevant. The pictures look great as well. So excited for you- major props!

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